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   To achieve maximum impact our CREATIVE team will scour the vaults                 tirelessly.  We have the resources, contacts and flair to source that track    from the almost infinite catalogue of recorded music - whatever the brief or budget.    

    Providing full and watertight LICENSING clearances for your music usages is  a potential minefield. Sharpa Music will  negotiate the way through the pitfalls for you; we can provide clear and concise advice at all stages of this process.        


Sharpa Music are a team of experienced supervisors with in depth knowledge and established contacts across the music industry.

      We will find the perfect sonic fit for your brief: soundtracking                  your visual work with the best possible audio accompaniment.              

     The team will work with you from the initial concept to final delivery providing an unrivalled creative resource.  

   Sometimes only a unique COMPOSITION can tell your story.  It's at times like this we can collaborate with one of the composers from our varied roster to create a bespoke piece - or offer an original take on an existing piece.   

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